The purpose of the Secretary’s Advisory Group on Energy and Environmental Education (SAGEEE) is to foster environmental literacy within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in order to enhance and sustain a high quality of life and to encourage voluntary compliance with sound environmental practices; to advise the Secretaries of the Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs (EEA) and the Commissioner of the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (ESE) of opportunities for synergy between these arms of government; to support the initiatives of the Secretaries of EEA and the Commissioner of the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (ESE); and to serve as a coordinating forum among agencies and organizations concerned with the environment in the Commonwealth and between such agencies and organizations in the Commonwealth and those in other states and at the federal level.

To this end SAGEEE assesses environmental education in the state, to determine key programs that are being offered and where there may be gaps. Where gaps are found, SAGEEE promotes educational channels to fill these gaps; to stimulate professional development opportunities for educators and to identify opportunities for positive visibility for programs selected as focal points for the Secretariat (EEA) and the Department (ESE)

SAGEEE is composed of environmental leaders from across the Commonwealth, including leaders from non-profits, government agencies and universities and colleges. SAGEEE advises Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Matthew Beaton and Secretary of Education Matt Malone on matters pertaining to environmental education. The group is currently leading a multi-year effort to write the Environmental Literacy Plan for the Commonwealth of MA. Furthermore, in cooperation with The Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) and the Massachusetts Environmental Trust (MET) SAGEEE conducts an annual award program to recognize schools and teachers (K-12 ) across the Commonwealth for their outstanding efforts in furthering energy and environmental education initiatives at their schools.

  • provides guidance for the Secretaries of ESE and EEA on matters of environmental education.

  • is a group of professional educators from environmental organizations in Massachusetts

  • collaborates with MEES, NEEEA, NAAEE, and other environmental education organizations.


SAGEEE’s Steering Committee Members Include:

Robin Organ - Chair,  Green Schools
Kate Anderson – Communications, Beyond Benign
Kris Scopinich – Membership, Mass Audubon
Russ Holden – Website,  Green Schools
Jen Gresham– Observer, Zoo New England
Nicole Scola - Science Assistance Coordinator, ESE
Meg ColClough - Ex Officio, EEA


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